Why am I just not that into anyone?

Whenever I meet a new guy now I feel so unenthusiastic, unexcited and emotionally switched off. Like I'm just not interested, couldn't really care, assume they'll do the worst or it will fade out... even when I have a date nowadays I'm unbothered and keep cancelling on them all

I don't know what to do or how to get out of this careless mindset. I just can't invest in them, it literally feels like someone has flicked a switch in me.

I know it's a result of years of bad relationships and guys messing me around or leading me on. I know not all guys are like this though.

How can I get out of this mindset? Have I just not met the right guy/ a guy I'm interested in?


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  • well for one, your past bad apples, messed you up emotionally to where your are mental drained out now. Your at that breaking point of fatigue of men, dont trust and that is normal. How do you stop this? By not dating for a long time. Too much baggage will make it difficult for you to open up again or even hve the desire too and you dont bc you are emotionally damaged right now. Thats why none of these guys excite you and why you have nothin n you to try

    So you need to just take a break from dating and clear your mind for a while. Find something that keeps you busy so you can get better emotionally bc dating can be work and it won't work when your mind is filled with all those messed up feelings and memorize. Back back and go back to dating after a long while.


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