First date, please help!

Me and this guy go to church together, have the same friends, and know that we both like each other. So one day he text me and ask "do you want to hang out at my house and watch the new Final Destination?" Is this considered a date? I don't know, I think it is. Well, if it is, it will be my first. So, what do I say: YES! But, my parents are SUPER strict (you have no idea), so it has to be what they call "safe". How can I do this? Is it even possible.? Any advice would be more helpful, thanks.


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  • I think it is indeed a 'date' as all a date is is spending time with someone you have an interest in. The idea of a 'date' is entirely in your own head, a mental definition. I'd maybe ask your parents, if you go to the same church as him he will likely have some idea or at least understand if your parents won't let you out. But who knows? If they think he is a respectable guy, who shares your religion, maybe they'll let you go; Ask before you contact him back, as he will likely be waiting anxiously for your reply.

    Remember, your parents know you will start noticing and wanting to go out with boys some time, so even if they don't let you go on this 'date' maybe ask what they WOULD consider 'safe', even if it's just a walk in the park or something.

  • ok seriously its either gonna work or not, can't be nervous about it, as for your rents you should tell them that is they shelter you your whole life you'll go to college and turn into a super slut, be relaxed and the date will go fine though, go with the flow and no awkward silences will happen, good luck :)


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