Based in the convo, is my crush dating someone? What are your thoughts?

was trying to see if my crush, Bob, was dating anyone. So I was talking with his best friend/roommate, Dylan, super casually who told me he and Bob met up with Bob's friend (whose female) and her friends on Saturday for drinks. I asked Dylan is on Bob was out with his girlfriend on Saturday. He said he was "with a friend who is a girl but not a girlfriend I don't think". Then I asked "Lol what does that mean- early stages of dating or just a female friend?" And he said "female friend". I know he does have a lot of friends of the opposite sex anyhow. I'm kinda confused. What do you think? Is he or isn't he dating someone? Dylan legit has no idea I like bob and I know he would be honest with and has no reason to lie. It's just weird how first he had a bit of hesitation and said not a girlfriend "I don't think" then when i asked for clarification and he didn't say dating just a female friend. I feel if he thought they were dating he would of said when I asked my follow up question. thoughts? (Also wouldn't his roommate like know if he's dating someone seriously anyhow cause she's be over?)
Any opinions!
Any other opinions?


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  • Seems he's just chilling with a friend.
    I think you need to start doing something about it, or you might lose it.

    • It's just weird how first his best friend said not a girlfriend I don't think with slight hesitation then when I asked for clarificaton he said female friend. I know his friend wouldn't lie to me and I feel if he knew they may be dating he'd say that. I dunno though

    • See you already know the answer. He would have telled you if it was a true thing.
      But don't wait.

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