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OK well there is this boy that I like. I've liked him for a few months and I've caught him looking at me quite a number of times lately. The problem is that I've only talked to him a few times and he is really really quiet and shy so it's quite hard to talk to him because he just doesn't say much. I've only spoken to him about homework and he usually just responds with only a few words, that's why this is so difficult.

It's so hard to "just go up and talk to him" because he barely says anything! One time my friend sat with him at lunch and she said he didn't even talk the whole time, even though he was with his friends.

I want to ask him to hang out because I want to get to know him better. I was thinking saying something along the lines of "Hey, I know we don't know each other well, but I was wondering if you wanted to do something together this weekend because I'd like to get to know you better."

I am a certified idiot when it comes to boys, so I'm not sure if this is a good idea. I don't know if this would scare him lol. But, I really want to ask him to do something before school ends because it will kill me over the summer if I didn't ask him...I'd rather be rejected than just be a coward.

Opinions? And if that isn't a good thing to say, could you suggest something?


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  • I second Kaitilyn711's suggestion of asking him to a communal gathering, as this may help with any possible awkwardness at being alone with you. However, if he is one of these people who are shy in public, yet talkative with people they know well (I used to be one of these) he may even close up if there are other people there besides you. Maybe ask him to a small gathering, with people you both know (or like, people he knows + people you know) and just try and talk to him when you're there. Be wary of 'prying' or pushing him too hard with questions if he is as shy as you say, but if you can get an asnwer out of him, try and show you're attentive to him and communicate with your body language that you'd like to continue talking, try and draw him out of his shell. Once you've talked to him a bit and he's kind of comfortable with you, then maybe ask him to a one-on-one.


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  • You never want to have any regrets in life, so I say go for it, I wouldn't say "I know we don't know each other well" I'm sure he knows this already lol, just play it cool there has to be some thing that you've seen him doing...like reading, listing to music; something, lets say if he was ..I don't know; a video game fan, ask him to go to the video game store with you to pick some thing out, it would become a date without him knowing it.

    you could do the same thing with music, or the bookstore.

    if you can't find out any thing about him , just do what you planned, but be a little more smooth with it, just ask him if he's got any thing planned for this holiday weekend, just to start up conversation, the best thing is if he says yes he has plans believe it or not,

    just listen to what he's saying for example if he says he's going fishing or something, you could say "I didn't know you liked to fish and then ask him to teach you, bomb you're in. just be smooth :) good luck


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  • i'd try asking him to hang out in a group first because he might loosen up more around a few more people it may be a bit awkward just the two of you. maybe say hey I'm having a little get together with a few people and you're invited and see what he says then if he says he'd rather not you can ask well maybe we could do something alone sometime I'd really like to get to know youand then go from there. Hope that helps!