Why does my crush in my class keep asking me to set up a group date with these other two girls in our class that I know?


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  • I'm assuming that you are not 36-45 as your question suggests.

    Is she suggesting that the three girls (including her) do something with a couple of your guy friends? Or is she suggesting that you go out with the other girls, excluding her?

    If she includes herself it's likely that she is indicating that she would accept if you asked her out (with friends along).
    If she is directing you to the other girls it's likely that she isn't into you and possibly that one (or both) of the other girls likes you.

    • Lol nah.

      I actually went on a date with her and she mentioned about 2 times hanging out with me and the 2 girls like go bowling or to a concert. She mentioned that it is hard for her to walk up to someone and talk and become friends with. But she really opened up to me during the date.

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