To be sexually appealing, compatible and worthy of women a man should?

To be nice sexually appealing, look sexually compatible when naked and be worthy of a woman and her sex , a man should take female hormone or maybe get whole body waxed or maybe lasered​ off everything so that his naked body is as Smooth as her naked body?

Then he will look nice worthy and appealing next to her and she would get aroused attracted and wet seeing his naked body?

I need answers people


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  • Ew no!! If he started taking female hormones and shaving that would be gross... it's like he's trying to be a women with a penis. Not my thing.

    I am guess your weird body hair guy though right? Please go get help.

    • you wou;d better find a very hairy man sexy than a all shaven man otr a man who took female hormones to look smooth like a woman?

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    • i am really very hairy...
      you like that over smooth nice hairless skinned?

    • YES! But I've said that in like 1000000000 of your questions. You really should talk to a professional. You know hairy or not women can smell insecurity a mile a way.

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  • If you want breasts, shrunken testicles and no sex drive so right on ahead.

    • Women don't have sex drive?
      Yeah , well at least then i would be having smoth skin and women would like it a lot...

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    • What's funny in it?

    • Um...

  • Nope.

    • then they would look compatible , both equally nice smooth naked bare body...

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    • Yeah that's what I feel. Orelse a woman would have hard time getting aroused seeing him naked u less he is as Smooth as her body is

    • Well, not all.

  • don't take hormones unless it's a choice you are making for you.
    again with the hair, only do it if you want to.
    I personally like a clean shaven or maintained scruff on a guy.

    • do you pity men for having lots of body hairs?

What Guys Said 2

  • There is no alternative, LOL.

    • Glad !!!

    • Both smooth soft skinned would look great when naked together

  • Lmfaoooooooooo yeah


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