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So this guy that I know has been seeing a girl for a few monthsShe is all into him for a few days then pulls away. They met on some website , he showed me their convo and everything seemed great until he talked about going to visit her.
she pulled from him and barely talked for almost two weeks. Then all on top of him again, sex talk possibility of babies, birth control, the whole nine yards. They have covered pretty much everything. Even kids names and ages.
She knew his first and last name as well as number on almost the first day , yet secretive about hers. saying it is because she has been hurt badly in the past. She knows where he works and all but will not tell him the name of the place she works. She told him at first it was a real estate then something to do with parties. calls him its through Skype. yet she thanked him when he gave her his number because an ex or something refused to.

looked her "name" up and nothing matched her pictures on the site they met on. None alike even popped up in the state or town she claims to be from. She is a quite beautiful woman.

the fact that she will pop on this site but yet is supposedly at work and take longer to reply to him all of the sudden. He has mentioned a few times where they were spending time together other guys would come up and be all lovey on her like they know her but she claims she has no idea who they are. She hasn't made it public on the site they are together.
He shows her convo between his and her exes but she has yet to show him any convo just tells him what they supposedly say. Some have come to me saying she's married and can't be faithful.
She asked him today if he would stick around if he got her pregnant and then after he said he would she got quiet and distant. Then instead of saying she would miss him like normal she said she was heading out then suddenly decided her, her mom and , kids were gonna go to watch a movie after all. When she had been unsure all day.

Then almost as soon as she got in and messaged him she said goodnight and that she missed him and was in love with him and hoped he dreamt of them.
This guy is my bestfriend and I dont want to see him taken advantage of or hurt.
she hasn't asked him for any money in fact she bought him a vip or whatever it is calledis the strange thing, but thats what i thought at first. she is either cat fishing. married. or something like that. i wish i was there and could call her on a few things.


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  • Sounds like Catfishing to me.


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  • Are you asking for yourself/another person? Honestly, this was incredibly difficult to read.

    • i am asking for him hoping if he sees others points of veiw that he will see what I see.

    • apologies for it being hard to read. Was trying to remember as much as i could about what he had told me and I had seen.

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