Long term boyfriend hasn't said I love you yet but is he hinting?

I've been with this guy quite a while. He hasn't dropped the "love" word yet. I am his first girlfriend. He has been saying such sweet things lately such as; "i adore you" "i love everything about you" also told me if he lost me he would have an empty feeling & has said i make him happy do you think he could possibly be hinting?

i also found it weird when he said to me he isn't used to be "being adored" when i said i adore him too so wouldn't know how he would feel if i did tell him my true feelings, didn't know if he found it weird was confused by that too.


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  • Sometimes guys like to take charge of the relationship by deciding the amount of emotional distance between them as a couple. Just know that your opinion is always as important as his and as such you need to come to terms on whether or not you think his reluctance is a burden or a charm. (Some girls like a "robot" type of guy)


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  • Do you love him? Also how long is long term?


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