Does she like me?

Went to a party and hung out with my friend linda and her friend Sabrina. Any way me and sabrina bearly talked but by the end of the night we talked a lot WE WERE DRINKING a lot. This is my first time meeting Sabrina by the way.

She talked about her boyfriend cheating on her and beating her and SHE gave me a hug and i held her for like 2 or 3 mins. We talked for at least 2 hours alone and she laughed at my jokes when she started to break down and cry when we talked more about her life. This was the first time i met Sabrina by the way. Also we kept high fiving the whole night lol

She laughed and said why haven't u introduced me to this guy before Linda. Then she teased my name. She told me thank u i haven't had a real person to talk to in forever. My ex made me chase away all my friends. SO LONG STORY SHORT does she like me or. was it the alcohol. I HATE. To she woman cry so i try to make them laugh. Does this mean she just see me as a frjend.


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  • I think she simply considers you a friend.

    • Ah man lol. and advice to change this? Tips?

    • She was simply looking for a shoulder to cry on. Don't be her emotional tampon and ask her out. If she rejects you, move on. No fucks given, she is only a girl, nothing more than that.

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