Am I correct in thinking she was only being friendly and contacted me for work related assistance as she never contacted me after I left the company?

I met a girl at work and she contacted me 2-3 times a week through work chat, email and phone for 4 months for technical assistance. She called and asked if she was bothering me by contacting me so often. She offered me coffee and candy and but when I declined she got upset. She met in the store and randomly jumped and screamed my name.
4 months later, On Thursday, she contacted me to assist her with a computer so I sat next to her and we talked about work, school and she asked me where I lived and talked for about 30 mins. She asked me for my personal or number but I declined. I asked her to contact me the next day so I can assist her further.
The next day Friday, she sent me a chat with Hi Name. I would like to speak to you. Please call me at her personal cell phone number with a smiley face emoji. Since I was busy assisting somebody, I chatted with her instead

5 days later, I texted her with Hi, her name how is everything going and she responded 3 hours 30 mins later at 1130pm with Hi, everything is fine. Is there something you need?
The next day, she avoided me for 3 weeks.

Weeks later, she stepped out and looked at me but I put my head down. Later that day, she sent me an email asking me to assist her boss but I ignored her email.

For months, she didn't contact me and avoided me by putting her hand over her face looking down when I saw her across the hallway. I felt really down and upset.

Weeks later, she randomly saw me in the elevator and she screamed out “It’s been a while. I’ve been stalking you! In the elevator.

For 2 weeks, she would contact me for assistance 1-2 times a week and she sent me a email saying Hope you’re doing well with smiley face emoji.

1 week a half away before I was going to leave the company, I told her I’m going to leave the company in a 1.5 week and she said thanks for your help through chat.

On my last day, I saw her and she rolled her eyes. I said Hi and she walked past me and said Hi and walked away.

Later that day, I went up to floor and started talking to people and approached her and she was smiling at me but she didn’t say anything to me other than my replacement is a nice person. When I waited for the elevator to leave the floor, I saw her wave by at me and smiley so I put my hands up and waved bye.

It’s 4 months since I left the company and she hasn’t contacted me.
What is your general opinion about this situation?


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  • She asked for your number and you declined? Wow, can you be any more clueless? She grew frustrated obviously and moved on.

    • I dont why I declined. I know made a mistake. It's possible she asked for my work number from what I recall. She could've asked for my number.
      Either way, I texted her and said I wanted to reach out to her in the evening.

    • Well it's too late now anyway. Just put your energy in something or someone else. Maybe practice talking to girls you're not that interested in and perhaps that will sharpen your social skills with girls. You may be too intimidated.

    • it's not really that. If I dont recall, I believe she asked for my work number and I declined to give it because I prefer people to email me rather than call me for assistance.
      If she asked for my personal number then I made a mistake. I hardly make those mistakes.
      She did actually respond to my text message: Hi, everything is fine. Is there something you need? but it was negative.
      Anyways, Im just confused why she would tell me she was stalking me after I declined.

  • I honestly would just forget about her, unless there is more to the situation like going out, having sex, etc. but there's more fish in the sea and it sounds like all she wanted was like a "fling"

    • I understand. Overall, what do you think about the situation moving forward?

    • forward as in?

    • How should I approach the situation differently now?

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