Is he even in to me?

Ok. So I really like this guy, been friends for a year but been close for 4 months and I was under the impression it was mutual (he told me has feelings etc.) But we both are not ready to date right now - which is ok.. he told me he would wait for me etc.
We catch up once a week if possible and thats great.
Its just when I try contact him, he can take a few days to reply or replies a couple messages and then again, takes days to reply - this is all good and fine in reason... but it does get me (especually when he says he has no credit, but told by mates he does) this has been a reoccuring thing every week and it built up to the point when I just got really mad and told him to leave me alone and that I'm wasting my time and deserve better etc.. and that I will block him (petty I know) - I had a shit couple days and overreacted, I know... but I just got sick of the same lame excuses!
Prior to this we were hanging with a group of people and then he up and left with mates and messaged to say he would be back soon but didn't show, so I left after a while and then a mate said he came back an hour after and was pretty much ignoring me and had another girl there (which I was told was just a mate) I'm just so confused and upset - he tells me he really cares for me and then does stuff like this.. I'm in no means clingy or have extreme expectations - if he was upfront and told me what was going on I would be understanding etc.
Is he stringing me along?
Should I just move on and have no contact?
I don't want to keep this pattern going and it upset me.
Just another guys perspective on this would help a lot.


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What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like he is internally conflicted about whether he really wants a relationship at all. Maybe he wants it to appear that he has that interest, to maintain some standing in the eyes of his friends, but he really doesn't want the relationship for any other reason. This won't get better so you should start looking for someone else.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he is into you. I think you should move on. If he was into you, he wouldn't have taken days to reply.


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