He's always active on whatsapp?

So i've been taking to this guy for the past 6 months, we're not exclusive but we act like a couple. He's from another city and we are basically long distance. It's particularly hard for me because i have trust issues and i'm really insecure about this, especially because of the distance. He's a few years older than me and in med school, but he's active on whatsapp almost all the damn time, especially lately. Like it's 12 in the afternoon and of course he should have courses at the university or something and he's just casually on whatsapp. I don't want to ask him because i'll seem like a stalker, but it does bother me. Like what is he doing? Who is he talking to so much? He says that he's always bonest and up front with me and tells me to trust him and i feel that he cares about me, we even plan to meet soon, but i'm afraid i'm ruining everything with my insecurities and lack of trust. I'm afraid that he got bored of me and is now talking to someone fresh, and he's keeping me just in case. I really don't get it. What do you guys say? What the hell is he doing?


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  • why are you all up in his business for. your key phrase is "we're not exclusive" and plus u never met the guy. he cab talk to anybody he wants to

    • We're not exclusive as if we're taking it slow, but it doesn't mean it's not serious or that i didn't fall for him. I just think it's not normal for one to spend his entire time online, it's normal that i'm doubting

What Girls Said 1

  • You are an overthinker level 1000, and HEY it's normal, you are not doing anything wrong, but you are sort of hurting yourself without a motive, you guys didn't even see each other properly and you already have so much things in your head, if you are in a relationship with him you will go INSANE...
    You have to start working on yourself, you have to think it this way, ok, well he is on whatsapp BUT I AM TOO, maybe he is not even talking to somebody but is just checking, I do that too, I never text but i just check and it's like a habit... don't overanalyze things, be natural, be cool, whatever happens, happens. And whatever happens you must accept, don't freak out and don't show him this side of you until he really falls for you so you can share your insecurity, but how it's too soon, don't scare him away, just chill relax <3

    Good luck

    • Thank you for your positive perspective. And yes, i realize i'm an overthinker but it just seems suspicious for one to spend that amount of time online

    • You should not be suspicious of anything :) trust me, it's nothing, just try to focus on getting to know him, but focus on your own priorities as well, don't always check when he was last online because it will eventually drive you nuts and you will just have a ruined day all the time without any reason <3
      Take care

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