Could a guy like other girl even he's in relationship? How posibility is that he would leave his girlfriend for another girl?

So this guy who is in class with me seems to have onterest in me. At least that said my male friend when i told them all story. I catch him looking at me, he won't talk to me, but was never rude. He was nice when we were talking. His friends are nice to me when he's not around but when he is they won't talk to me. Also when we pass each other he looks at me. I was talking with his friend and he came and he became all jumpy, walking, looking at his phone and stuff like he's nervous and that made me really awkward. They talked and he couldn't make eye contact with me but when i was leaving he looked at me and said bye.
There's a lot that's been going on with this guy, weird acting, normal and stuff.

His girlfriend is from one town and studying and leaving it our birth town (mine and his) but we are in another city.
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  • Yea its happened to me on multiple occasions. They make like you, but they are very unlikely to breakup with their girl for you. So dont allow yourself to be swept in. If he hasn't already broken up with her, he'd probably look for you to be his side chick

    • well still didn't really happened sometimg serious between us, i don't think he would broke up now
      He knows i know that he has girlfriend

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