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So I meet this guy online February 24th, we been texting ever since. When I left the country, and I told him so, he kept texting me. I told him so he knew why we could not meet. When i came back we have meet twice and we went for coffee and walking (exploring downtown). He kiss me on the second meeting. Now, he keeps insisting that I come over at his place. I explain to him why I would not. But still he insist saying that i should come during the day and that I will set the pace (if i want to kiss or not, etc). It doesn't need to be evening. I would prefer more public settings to keep meeting (bowling, skating, etc) but I understand that he is financially restraint as he is a international student doing his phd. We text often and he also calls me now. So I am confuse as I am new to dating. What does he want?


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  • I clearly do t see what's the problem here. Your trying go to public places vs going over to his place or what? I'd say public and requires no money. Parks, museums, zoo, walking downtown would be fun, window shopping. But dates are about getting to know. Not oh places should we go to.

  • First off - you should not go places you're not comfortable with.
    Now that's out of the way, going back to the question - it could be he really wanted to save money (but trust me, there are tons of alternative outdoor stuff that doesn't require money) or he wanted to score something.

    I would suggest to meet up in a park, or a stroll in a mall. Park would be my best choice.


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  • you could just go to a park and have picnic or something. it doesn't cost a thing


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