Ex-fling thinks im stalking her, yet I was with the girl I'm currently dating?

6 months ago, I had a short fling with a girl I met off OkCupid and it ended horribly because I found out she was sleeping around while sleeping with her. Yet she had the nerve to cut me off and block me from social media like I was the one at fault.

Ended up running into her at a show again 2 months ago and found out how much of a sociopath she was as we ended up making out again, despite all that happened, then she asked me to get drinks, and she rode with me in my car and we made out again, then she ends up blowing me off to make out with a stranger.

Then last night, me and this girl I started dating go to a show with my friend. We go out for smokes and were holding hands then the girl from 6 months ends up being out there smoking too, and then sees me and complains to her friend that I'm following her. Even though I was clearly cuddling and holding hands with the current girl.

Now me and the girl from 6 months back have a lot in common, as far as music tastes. It was cool having all that in common while we dated, but since it ended horribly, the downside is we still go to a lot of the same concerts.

I mean does she think I'm trying to make her jealous.
I mean
1. me and her have a lot of similar interests
2. I was with another girl clearly holding hands
3. I had other friends at the show too
4. I'm not gonna not live my life and avoid going to shows just so I don't run into her.
5. I even got into this band way before I started dating the girl from 6 months ago.

Does she seriously think she's that self important to think I'd spend money and bring a date to a show?


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  • Question: Why do you care? I mean, you obviously were not trying to make her jealous, but if she does not matter to you, why do you care? She can go do what the heck she likes and so can you. Girls do make dumb assumptions, what she said might have meant, "he is always around" or something. My advice is forget about her and enjoy the girl you have.

    • It isn't me making the big deal. It's her. She said omg, omg, omg as me and the girl passed by and then after the show, she was drinking with her friends and pointed me out. I'm just saying it's her being overly dramatic and yet she's the one who fucked me over.

    • She was drunk!!!

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