Does she have feelings for me?

So there this girl, I really like. We message almost every day on Facebook. We've met once. When we did meet she was twirling with her hair whilst keeping eye contact with me all the time she was talking. We both have social anxiety, so she was shocked at how she got past her initial "hi" awkwardness and was able to converse as she felt really comfortable. She offered to take me to her favourite coffee place, next time I'm up in the summer.

She had been teasing me beforehand saying she was going to arrive before me, and that I was a sucker, (she was coming by train, and I by coach) She's quite shy/introverted too. When we message it can be anything, from her sharing conversations to her housemates, or friends or her family etc. Sharing memes and youtube videos she finds funny or interesting. Sometimes there's usually a message in the morning when she wakes.

She sends me daily updates on what she's doing, short little videos, selfies of her too. She'll always tell me when she's home from nights out or from going back home to her folks (she's at uni) She has flirted occasionally. She does have a boyfriend at the moment but they've been having issues she's been sharing them with me. She seems to send me selfies of her as well. She'll tell me really personal info about her , saying that I'm on her level with being weird/awkward. I feel like she might like me, but I don't wanna ruin the friendship.


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