Are there girls out here "really" interested in science?

I really prefer intelligent talks and being rational. Well this is one the rarest question you will see, but I really want to see this.


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  • Science is such a broad category, how could there not be girls who are interested in at least some of it?

    I'm fascinated by science, even listening to people talk about areas I don't really understand - the really technical engineering, physics type stuff.

    My interests are more in the human body and medical advancement, mainly the brain and how it works and how it makes us all different.

    • I basically mean to have intelligent talks, and where people understand each others sarcasm, just like in big bang theory.

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  • Probably not here (why would someone with a PhD or 2 waste their precious free time on a site like GAG?), but a few do exist in the real world. Some are even kinda hot.


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  • There are but of course they aren't common.

  • Hope so... would be good for the world if more were into that.

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