Why did he say this?

My colleague asked if the guy that I was dating is my boyfriend etc and my friends from work say he probably fancies me based on the way he acts around me. Anyway, I don't speak to him outside of work but I wanted to take someone's shift tomorrow and he wanted someone to cover his shift. So I messaged him and offered to take his shift and he said yes and that he would let management know today. Later on I asked him if he asked the manager.

Then he says he will ask them and says that my supervisor is jealous about him messaging girls because they are a couple and they want to keep it secret and he told me to not say anything? I am now angry because obviously I had no idea and I don't know how its relevant to work at all? I only messaged him asking about the shift and he randomly said that?


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  • well it's just that some people are overly cautious about things and in being so they spill out the actual thing they wanna hide or preserve... it could be that or maybe they are just idiots who didn't understand your motive!


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