Who should pay for the date, is it an issue?

Tbh i've been out with at least 5 different girls and in all honesty i've never had to pay for the full date (not that i took them anywhere fancy or expensive ) everytime i offered to pay the girl would just hand me money and keep walking not accepting that i pay, in fact i was even paid for once or twice which is kinda cool lol , i made it clear its a date and we're not just friends and they were cool with it, but as i've said i never had any girl expecting me to pay or flat out asking me to pay or even accepting that i pay for the whole thing even though i offered more than once...

anyone is struggling with this or ever struggled with this before?


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  • lol I love how many guys on here assume girls never pay for dates and complain. Here's proof they actually do pay!

    I believe dates should be split or whoever asks pays. I've paid for quite a few dates myself. But really, once you get in a relationship you just take turns doing it.

    Next time there's a question on feminism or some shit and a guy complains about how girls never pay PLEASE TELL THEM THIS.

    • lol actually its kinda weird i insist on paying all the time and i ask the girl out and rarely do girls just let me pay 90% actually give me money or pay when i dont see them, I don't know if they like me that much or this is the norm but i can't complain its all good... so yeah i have no reason to complain.

    • Yeah a lot of girls do that but guys on here never go on actual dates so they don't see that lol.

    • Honestly girls will treat guys like kings when they deserve it. So good on your for being a good guy!

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  • Hey, this is what men get in equality haha, no more chivalry as a requirement.

    I am of the opinion, though, that if its a date, whoever asks out the other person should pay. (At least at first). If the guy asked her out, he should pay. If she asked him out (which if equality sets in more will start happening more frequently) then SHE should pay.

    There is something romantic about paying for the other person. One person is expressing the desire to treat the other well. The person being paid for has the desire to make it up later.

    Best case? I pay for dinner, you pay for drinks/dessert after somewhere else.

    • thats what i told my first girlfriend lol but she still insisted on paying

    • Well, then embrace your equality!

    • This way i dont spend as much money ( not that i take girls anywhere fancy since i am not rich or anything ) but yeah it feels easier financialy

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  • I suppose I've just always paid and didn't think about it unless we discussed it. I feel like whoever asks the other out is on the hook for the bill unless otherwise stated.

  • Among my generation (baby boomers) women did not/do not pay.


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