What do you look for in a potential partner?

appearance wise, interest wise, personality wise. things that are on your check list that you'd like (and if some are deal breakers that's cool too)


Most Helpful Guy

  • At least a 5, I don't need her interests to be the same as mine, I just want her to be interested in something. Having ones to share is awesome too. I'm into a pretty broad set of personality traits so that would be a whole laundry list. I guess I don't like girls who are stuck up or mean. I really don't like women who have been pampered their whole lives so they know nothing about the real world.

    I want someone who has respect for them self. Even if their way of having it isn't the same as my way or someone else's. I don't like girls who try to get even but they won't ever hint to you there's a problem in a better way. Like I knew this one girl who got annoyed because her boyfriend doesn't like it when she talks to other guys so she got a job at one of those places where the waitresses wear skimpy stuff. I wouldn't even talk that one out with her, a girl who does that couldn't be anything more than a fuck buddy to me.

    Oh, and it's really important that she can just be herself. That's probably WHAT I look for.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Intelligence both emotionally and otherwise, confidence and most importantly respect. I don't mean bow down I just mean treat me as an equal and support me in the same way I support you. We are a team. If you don't believe in me it won't work.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Someone who is smart, and cute, and has a good personality... And maybe have some spirituality as well. Someone to connect and talk to about anything... someone who cares and someone who supports you and all that.

  • Well you want somebody you enjoy spending time with. They can be stupid, fat and ugly if they make you enjoy their company you have a relationship that could last forever

  • Looks:
    - Thin waist
    - Natural and long hair
    - Not too much make up
    - No plastic surgery
    - Short
    - No piercings/tattoos
    - Attention to hygiene
    - No body hair
    - Beautiful face
    - Perky boobs and bum
    - Flexible

    - Feminine
    - Funny
    - Socially smart
    - Kind
    - Cute
    - Interesting/can hold a conversation
    - Modest
    - Understanding/Caring
    - Genuine


What Girls Said 1

  • Appearance wise: cute nose, cute eyes, fluffy, 4 paws: cat 🤗 Nah haha I don't really care..

    Interest wise: a couple of the same interests (movies / music)

    Personality: someone who is funny, one half of a whole idiot, goofy, respectful, someone who knows stuff (intellectual) and someone I can learn from. A person who isn't afraid to say sorry and someone who values my opinion. From serious to silly conversations real quick. Someone who makes my crazy feel normal.
    That one person. 👀😂


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