Girls what do you think when we ask your father if we can date you before asking you out?

I have a family freind that I'm planning on asking out. Our families know each other pretty well and I kind of feel the need to respect her father by asking him if I can ask her out. I'm sure he will say yes but I'm wondering if she would like that or hate it?

Ladies what is your opinion on this?

Any more ladies want to give me their thoughts?
Let me rephrase this. What would you think of we asked for your father's blessing to date you?
A guy does not need your father's permission to date yiu.


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  • I would actually be quite annoyed by that, if I knew my partner did that, I doubt I'd want to get with them.

    • Why would you be mad at that? Can you please explain it to me?

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    • I would be annoyed by it because he shouldn't prioritise my father's opinion over mine. I feel it disrespects me because:

      1. By going to my father before coming to me, he is assuming that my answer would be yes.

      2. By going to my father before coming to me, he is assuming that my father's opinion on the relationship is more important than my own, as if my father saying yes automatically means that we'll be together, or as if my father saying no means that he can't ask me. My father's opinion is irrelevant, all that matters in the relationship is me and my partner. I don't believe that they'd still go out with me regardless of my father's opinion because if it mattered so little, then they shouldn't have gone to him in the first place.

      Coming to me first and then asking my father would make me happier but I still would prefer that my parents were left out of this decision.

    • K thanks for the great advice and explanation!

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  • My reaction would be "Wtf, dude?".
    My father has absolutely nothing to say in this. I can date whoever I want, whenever I want, whether he likes it or not. Plus I'd feel like you think I wouldn't be allowed to date you unless my father said yes, as if he had any say over me.

    • That update doesn't really make it better. I don't see the point in it. What's my father got to do with anything?

  • That's cute when you're a teenager in high school but not so much once you're an adult. Also, it would be extremely awkward fotoyou if she rejected you after you already asked her father. Saving the asking her father spiel for when you're planning on proposing to her.

    • * for you

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    • Still, asking for permission/blessings is something you do when you're getting engaged

    • Good point

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  • if her dad loves you, she'll love you..

  • Don't do that. Approach her directly.


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