What do you think of a guy who is kinda Ruthless in dealing with people?

i'm an architect and an executive director in a company, i'm the guy who would accept the worst job on the menu just because being known as a ruthless, hard working and manipulative person,,,,, but the truth i'm more emotional than others but i don't like to show those feeling.

Also some times i care about people.

i would like to know how would you feel about me as a partner or a co- worker or as possible date?


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  • Well, I don't usually like that kind of people (ruthless ones). As a co-worker, if such a person is mean to me I'd rather ignore him/she. And as a possible partner, I don't really know. If he doesn's show me how he is like, beside being ruthless, it might not work.


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  • I've been obliged to be ruthless. Part of the job. Not the part I like. I hate that part.

    • it's really a bad thing as it grows in you each day, till you reach the no going back point. would love if you share your experience with me.

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