Online dating. Thoughts on pictures looking like yourself/ them looking like their pictures? what to do if they don't look like their pictures?

I have started online dating and I'm very new to it after being single for 6 months. So, after a long term relationship, I thought it was time to give it at least a go anyway.

some of my pictures are obviously a true likeness to me but I do use filters here and there on Instagram (what girls don't these days).

i am going on a date soon but I worry about the true likeness of pictures not only of my own but of the guy. What if they don't live up to expectations? It sounds incredibly shallow but I find this very scary and new.

how do you handle meeting somebody for the first time if they are really different looks and personality wise in person?


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  • Well, it depends really. Looks definitely matter in a relationship, noone can deny that and anyone who does has their head lodged too far in their colon to see reality.

    However, if they don't look too different from their pictures (maybe a hidden scar something) then you can generally excuse it. Not something to be worried about. Although, if they look completely different then it comes down to how you feel about how they look and just them in general. If you don't feel comfortable, just walk away.

    If you can deal with their looks but don't like their personality - not too shocking because people will often try to look their best - then, as said before, simply just walk away. And, to save yourself the trouble of conflicting personalities, ask them questions about things that are important and dear to you.

    • Thank u.

    • No problem (: The beauty of online dating is that you don't have to do anything you don't want to and it's very easy to cease communication with someone. And, if you do meet with someone - excuse me for sounding like a parent - obviously remember to be in a public place where you feel safe.

    • Thanks again. Yes as I am new to this it will just be a local bar to my home and I will make sure everyone knows where I am. And yes much agreed about the if it doesn't work out how easy it is to call it quits with little damage done :)

  • Get ready to meet a lot of people that are much older the pictures they post.


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  • Well to avoid situations like that, ask how old the pictures are and see if they have full body pictures as well (family photo or something)


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