If a girl pays for the date because you forgot your wallet, how do you feel?

Well... he kind of forgot his wallet so I paid. and then after that he kept on bending his head down looking sad. And how would you feel if you were me (for girls)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd just offer to pay the next one, hell at some point we are going to be splitting the bill anyway. I don't mind a girl who is willing to pay half either but I would still offer to pay the full amount


Most Helpful Girl

  • What guy, who even has a Driver's License Here, Dear... Forgets his Wallet?
    Convenient, which is Why, no Lie, he put his "Head Down" in his Plate. On top of You, he was also Wearing egg all Over his "Sad" face.
    Good Luck. xx


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What Guys Said 3

  • I'd be angry at myself for having to depend on someone else, and will make sure I'll pay her back in the future by paying for the next date.

  • it would be embarrassing at first, but depending on how she took it, i think i wouldn't get to mad at myself

  • Like a dumbass


What Girls Said 2

  • probably annoyed if i thought he did it on purpose if it was a misake and he made it up to me later... no harm is done :)

  • lol well he abouvisly didn't forgot his wallet, I don't respect men who don't pay at first date.. I mean wtf.. especially here in middle east it's kinda shame that a girl would pay for him

    • "I don't respect men who don't pay at first date"..."especially here in middle east" yeah, I call bullshit XD

    • lol what do u mean? (jb) voice

    • Yes, Pinkie, I love this Sharia. lolxx

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