Normal to think like this?

I'm 23 years old almost 24 in a couple of months. I do not have any experience at all with a girl this including, kissing, sex, hugging, holding a girl's hand, etc. I'm a shy dude you can say. I hate going out because I'm not comfortable with myself, sad I know. When girls usually smile at me I just stare at them and walk away. The only time I go out is for a best friend's birthday, but I'm debating if this year I should do that. Last time I went out for my friend's birthday a random attractive girl approached me at the bar, she was literally touching me and asking if I want to dance. I panic and told her I have a girlfriend. Most girls usually leave, but this one ask for her name so, I said Ashley. My friend's girlfriend got upset with me because I blew off that girl. She literally said she was cute why did you do that. I told her not interested, she said bullshit. Ofcourse I knew it was bullshit, I just didn't want to fuck it up by engaging into a conversation with her, because I'm socially awkward. Plus, one thing I absolutely fucking hate is taking pictures. And most girls like taking pictures. I know I'm going to probably end up alone in the long run because I don't try to put myself out there. Is it normal for me to already accept this?


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  • Maybe you shouldn't accept it though. I'll say it could be normal to feel like that, but I don't know if you should just count yourself out. Maybe just challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone a little bit at a time so you don't have to have those awkward moments?

    • I've tried challenging myself before. For example, my friends would force me to talk to a new girl. If I got the number, like a couple of occasions at college. I wouldn't text them because I feel like I would waste their time. Knowing that I do not have any experience being touched by girl doesn't have to be sexually either.

    • Well maybe get comfortable with talking to a new girl first. And if you get her number, ask her to text you. Even better, give her your number and ask her to text you so that you have hers. That way, you could find it easier to reply?

  • Wowwwww I honestly couldn't read past the attractive girl who wanted to dance... Honestly man take my words, be confident. Just act as you would do on your own or with your friends, you need to actually love yourself before loving others.

  • Well, cute girls approach you for dancing. That's a really big plus.


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