Guy never plans or intiates hang outs? We hung out once and he had fun but no mention of doing again?

We hung out and he said he had fun and hopes to see each other again. He says we are very similar and we have fun together. We've been texting all day everyday like usual after the hangout. But I'm getting bored because nothing else is set in stone... like an event. He's a really cool guy and I'm not trying to be needy or wait around.. so I texted him to let me know if if he wants to eat or do something fun.
Do you think that's he appropriate response?

Like I don't have time to be a texting pen pal buddy 247. It was nice at first but put me in your schedule if you think "I'm cool and fun".
I hate to brag but I'm a freaking catch. Im waiting on him but if he doesn't do something I'm going to slip away any second. Has anyone ever encountered this? Ugh he's cute and all but my goodness he's boring me.
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Please explain why no is being put a lot in guy section please!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think it's fine to ask him if he wants to do anything if he won't initiate, and I definitely admire the self respect you have! If he doesn't make the time or the effort, his loss really.

    • He replied with just: yeah let's do something.
      I'm not sure how to respond to that honestly. Aha
      It's like he doesn't know how to say yeah let's do this on this day... my goodness. Or say yeah, let's do something next week when I'm not busy. He's making me feel like I'm not worth his while which is why I'm backing away a bit.

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    • Well I mean I kinda did ask that in the first place?
      I said " Let me know if you want to eat or do something fun."
      He responds with " Yeah let's do something!"

      I'll ask him if he has any ideas like you suggested

    • I know but there's no harm in asking him again, right? Just to double check if he's really going to take the back seat on it. I know I have to be asked twice about something sometimes in order to actually reply with productive input. You'll get a better sense of how he'll be in future.

What Girls Said 1

  • its a perfectly fine response. you asked a question you want an answer to. youve got a life you like him but if he's not interested bye.

    • He replied with: yeah let's do something.
      I'm stuck.. not sure how to reply to that. My gosh.

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    • Isn't it weird that I'm doing all the suggesting and he isn't.
      I suggested he first time when we first met.
      Now I'm doing it again...

    • no. you're not just suggesting. you're making sure he's interested or not. if he's not you can move on. if he is you can let him suggest next time. point is you already did it. just finish it up. for your own edification,. so you know what to do.

      i also dont think keeping score should matter,. just judge by results. not how you get there. :)

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