How do you feel about dating in the following situations:?

1) Interracial?
2) Different religions?
3) The other person is bisexual?
4) The other person is transgender?
5) The other person has depression/anxiety?
6) Age gap? (List what age difference you are willing to date)
7) The other person's family does not like you two dating?
8 ) Long distance?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) Doesn't make a difference to me
    2) Love should be able to break such boundaries, but would depend on the other person, and how their religion impacts them
    3) Fine
    4) Fine
    5) I'd look to support them before sleeping with them!!
    6) So long as they is a genuine mutual feeling, I wouldn't care, but probs not more than 30
    7) Obviously not preferable, but I'd look to still make things work
    8) Had bad experiences in the past, so I'd look to avoid it, but can work with the right persom

    • Finally someone who answered pretty much the same way I would! Love this

    • Thanks! You're very welcome!

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1) Down for it.
    2) I don't date religious people, atheists, agnostic or spiritual only.
    3) Down for it, but we have to have open and honest communication.
    4) Down for it, but it will really depend on my physical attraction to them... I don't find M to F to be attractive, but I can do F to M.
    5) So long as they are able to communicate their feelings and understand where they're coming from (are they being anxious, is this a depressive episode, etc.) then yes.
    6) I'm willing to date up to 40 years old, so 16 years my senior. But I will not date younger.
    7) Eh it's none of their business, so long as they keep it to themselves then we're fine.
    8 ) So long as we snap/skype/text everyday and have an end in sight, I'm okay with it :)

    • Love these answers so much!!

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What Guys Said 21

  • 1. I'm fine with that.

    2. Ehhh kind of open to it but honestly I'd prefer to stay within my religion if possible.

    3. No.

    4. Absolutely not.

    5. Give it a shot.

    6. I'm fine with like 2-3 years age difference preferably though if it's younger.

    7. Meh who cares.

    8. I'm fine with it.

  • 1) Interracial? - love to!! 😍
    2) Different religions? hell yeah!! 😍
    😌 The other person is bisexual? 🙄 nope!
    4) The other person is transgender? nope..
    5) The other person has depression/anxiety? 🤔🤔 Can think about it..
    6) Age gap? (List what age difference you are willing to date) hell yeah!!(i did it earlier). 😎
    7) The other person's family does not like you two dating? 🙄😑 Still would do it! who cares!
    8 ) Long distance? 😉 Still in one such!

  • 1. Fine grew up in a diverse neighboorhood
    2. Fine as long as they respect I'm not trying to convert
    3. Fine I'm pansexual
    4. Same as answer above
    5. Fine as long as they aren't parading around telling it to everyone just to seek attention
    6. Five to ten years older is fine, around one to three years younger is okay for me
    7. Fine fuck do I care if they handle all this 😂😂😂😂
    8. Totally fine

  • 1, No issue
    2. No issue
    3. Couldn't care less
    4. Couldn't care less
    5. My girlfriend has this
    6. We also have this, she's 24 and I'm 45 and we could both care less
    7. Lol, you think? Her mom hates the idea, her dad doesn't care.
    8. Yeah, she lives 8 hours away but is moving here in the fall. N'uff said.

    • That's actually my issue! I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 31. We don't care, but we have to keep it secret because I know my parents wouldn't like the age gap. It's horrible. Love your answers, by the way!

    • Awww... thank you. :) Yeah, it sucks when there's an age gap. Worse when you have helicopter parents (her mom is super that way), and you still want to be with each other. I know I could be with someone closer to my age if I wanted to. I know society would view it better if I was. You know what? *holds middle finger up to society* Neither me nor my girlfriend care. You shouldn't, either. Go your own way. You'll feel better, even if it doesn't work out. Because you did what you wanted to do. :)

  • 1) I believe race is superficial, and thus don't biologically believe in the term.. So, that answers that..
    2) It would be too complicated, so probably not..
    3) I'd be okay with it..
    4) Eh probably not..
    5) Well, yeah I would help to get them outta the funk
    6) No problem with me as long as they ain't too young or old..
    7) Well, it's our relationship not theirs.. I would only hope that I grow on them..
    8) I've done it before, as long as they coo wit it..

    • "I believe race is superficial, and thus don't biologically believe in the term.. So, that answers that.."

      On reading that, I made an "inner bet" on your race, and won it.
      Ooops. Sometimes people are predictable.

    • @nameus3r.. Well, I recognized that for the rest of my life, I'll be seen as a "Black" man, and I'm totally okay with that.. Also, my picture is right there.. LOL..

    • @nameus3r I'm really curious, how can people be so shallow lol?
      So you make inner bets that he's black.. why's that exactly? Cause when I first saw him here it took me a while until I clicked on his profile but never made inner bets

  • 1) Interracial? Don't care.
    2) Different religions? Nope.
    3) The other person is bisexual? Nope.
    4) The other person is transgender? Nope.
    5) The other person has depression/anxiety? Depends on the case
    6) Age gap? (List what age difference you are willing to date) Don't care.
    7) The other person's family does not like you two dating? Don't care.
    8 ) Long distance? --------

  • 1. No problem.

    2. Depends how open minded and accepting the person is as well as their general view on religion - aka if religious scriptures are absolutes or guidelines.

    3. No.

    4. No.

    5. Depends on the severity.

    6. I think for the girl to be 3-7 years younger is ideal

    7. If she sticks to me, then I don't care.

    8. Only if temporary.

  • 1) Interracial?- Only see one 'Human Race'
    2) Different religions?- no care
    3) The other person is bisexual?-no care
    4) The other person is transgender?-no
    5) The other person has depression/anxiety?-no care
    6) Age gap? (List what age difference you are willing to date)- no care
    7) The other person's family does not like you two dating?- no care
    8 ) Long distance?-no

  • 1) My own culture would take priority but it largely depends on the person.
    2) Depends on the person. As long as they are not overzealous.
    3) As long as I am top priority.
    4) Nope.
    5) We can work through that. As long as I am not being used.
    6) Depends on the person. I usually give myself a 3 to 4 year gap. Just to make sure we aren't a full generation gap apart.
    7) Been there done that. Never stopped me before. I generally end up finding a way to make them like me.
    8) Probably not.

  • 1. Down for it
    2. Depends on the hardcore-ness of the religious
    3. Yeah probably down
    4. Probably not down
    5. Depends on how bad it is
    6. Willing to date under 18 and 15 and over
    7. That depends, will we still be able to see each other?
    8. Probably not

  • 1) if its Asian or native American sure. others I dont find attractive.
    2) if she accept evolution and reality and is not a fanatic sure.
    3) sure
    4) no
    5) maybe
    6) 9 years younger or 1 year older
    7) had this and its sucks and never want to be in that kind of situation again.
    8) How much km is considered ling distance. If i could see her once a week its ok.

  • 1. Not important at all.
    2. No
    3. Doesn't really bother me, but if we were the same religion they wouldn't be bisexual, so no.
    4. Noooooooooooooo
    5. Yes, and I would help them through it.
    6. Well I'm 16, so preferably 15-17, but maybe 14 or 18.
    7. Yes, I don't know what I would do, but if I love HER, then her family can't change it.
    8. Yes, as long as I knew when we would be together again.

  • 1) Interracial? Yes
    2) Different religions? I'm atheist, but I would date a religious person as long as they aren't part of a violent one, or if they're too religious.
    3) The other person is bisexual? Yes
    4) The other person is transgender? No, I'm straight.
    5) The other person has depression/anxiety? No to depression. Anxiety? Depends
    6) Age gap? (List what age difference you are willing to date) No more than 5 years younger/older
    7) The other person's family does not like you two dating? Yes
    8 ) Long distance? No

  • 1) Interracial?
    - I have no problem dating a girl of a different race, but I would be concerned with culture and different languages.

    2) Different religions?
    As an atheist, I would only date an atheist, agnostic or a non-extreme Christian.

    3) The other person is bisexual?
    - No.

    4) The other person is transgender?
    - Not a chance.

    5) The other person has depression/anxiety?
    - Maybe.

    6) Age gap? (List what age difference you are willing to date)
    - 18-20 is my current age range that I would only date.

    7) The other person's family does not like you two dating?
    - Not worth the drama.

    8 ) Long distance?
    - Tried that once, never again.

  • 1 yes done it
    2 yes dont it
    3 no
    4 no I'm good fam
    5 I'm good fam
    6 yes anything legal
    7 yes done it
    8 I'm good fam

  • 1) Interracial? Shouldn't be a problem
    2) Different religions? Would only be a problem when children have to be educated
    3) The other person is bisexual? Shouldn't be a problem
    4) The other person is transgender? Nothing for me.
    5) The other person has depression/anxiety? That can happen to everyone
    6) Age gap? (List what age difference you are willing to date) A big NO NO (15% )
    7) The other person's family does not like you two dating? Shouldn't be a problem
    8 ) Long distance? Problematic.

  • 1. Don't mind
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No
    5. Maybe
    6. 5 years difference
    7. Work on it
    8. Maybe

  • I am a go for all except transgender

  • 1) I'm aware it may present various kinds of additional challenges
    2) Nobody is really religious any more
    3) Most women are, to a degree or another, so not a problem
    4) No thanks
    5) I have much of both, so, no problem
    6) 15-45 is OK
    7) I wouldn't date anyone letting their family exert influence on their life, so it's not a problem I can meet
    8) Annoying, but can be withstood, thanks to ease of communication provided by technology

  • 1. I am biracial my self but I don't date black women.
    2. Yeah
    4. No
    5. No
    6. Depends
    7. That means the person is not independent and can't take decisions for herself so I won't date her
    8. No

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What Girls Said 21

  • 1) Anyone who has problem with interracial is messed up. It's okay if there are races you don't find attractive, but being against it is racist and disgusting.

    2) Different religions is fine, although if you are intensely against the other's religious views or vice versa, there will be problems.

    3) It shouldn't matter if the partner is bisexual, but I can imagine if it might freak some people out. I could date a man who was bisexual, though.

    4) Transgender might be an issue for me, because are they ever fully "switched over" to their new one?

    5) I would/have dated people with minor mental illnesses. The key is that it's still possible to have fun with them. Depression can be consuming to the point it's not possible to enjoy dates-- not their fault, as they can't help it, but it still can have that effect. But most of the time it doesn't, and I can actually feel good about helping such a person have some fun.

    6) More than about a 10 year age gap, I wouldn't date. I try not to refuse my company as a friend to people based on age, though, because I feel a little bad about the fact I won't date a guy who's that much older. dating that much younger would be ridiculous at my age, of course.

    7) I could probably charm the other person's family unless they were against it due to race, religion, or something like that. But if the guy was okay with it and I didn't have to interact with the fam, I'd be okay with it, and kind of like the independence.

    8) Long distance is okay for a while, maybe a year. There are limits after which it would be a problem. It would have to start locally though, then one of us might have some reason we had to move. I wouldn't start out with someone too far away.

  • 1. Prefer not to but open to it
    2. No
    3. Been there done that.
    4. No
    5. I would be with them and help them as much as possible.
    6. My age or very close to my age. (19-22)
    7. It depends on the situation.
    8. I'm not sure if I could do that, but I'd be willing to try.

  • 1. Fine by me
    2. Also fine by me
    3. Most likely not going to happen
    4. Definitely will not happen
    5. If they are willing to work on it or let me help them work on it.
    6. About 10 years in either direction
    7. That's their problem (the family)
    8. Been there, done that. Would do it again as long as there was a plan for us to be together at some point.

  • 1) Interracial? Yess I love and find guys of all races/ethnicities attractive and would have zero problem dating someone that didn't look like me!

    2) That's no problem as long as they're not forcing any of their religious beliefs on me.

    3) Yeah, I've done it before he was bi-curious. Although he did cheat on me with a guy so I'd be weary.

    4) I probably would and still love them all the same as well.

    5) Yes, I'd probably help them as much as I possibly could.

    6) Yes. But no more than 10 years, but who knows?

    7) If i really really loved that person I'd stick through even though his parents not liking me would really hurt me personally.

    8) Yep, I've done it before. But this time I'd only do it again if we were a couple irl first.

    • Love these answers so much!! I agree completely :)

  • 1) Don't mind
    2) As long as he doesn't tries to influence me
    3) No
    4) No
    5) I've been there, so I'd try to help him get better
    6) 4 years
    7) I'd feel bad and always try to change their mind
    8 ) Done it, would do it again as long as he doesn't live too far away

  • 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    I'm atheist so it would be best to date one also, but I'm ok with someone religious as long as they're not too extreme
    3. Yes
    4. Maybe, depends if I like the person in the first place
    5. Yes, because I have it too
    6. I've found this doesn't really matter at all
    7. Yes, although that could be pretty messy
    8. Did that twice, never again

  • 1. I have my preferences and don't care about what others think of it.
    2. I'm open to it but it depends on the other person's religion and their willingness to respect my beliefs.
    3. Dealbreaker.
    4. Dealbreaker.
    5. I honestly don't know. It depends on the severity of the mental illness.
    6. I wouldn't date someone younger but I'd date someone as old as 10 years older than me.
    7. I wouldn't care.
    8. I would only do if one of us planned to relocate to where the other lives soon enough.

  • 1. Except my own race (white) I'd date only black and Latinos so yeah I'm OK with it
    2. No it would be a disaster unless one of them is atheist
    3. I don't know I'm neutral but probably not
    4. No
    5. Maybe
    6. As long as he's not more than 6 to 7 years
    7. They will learn how to love it with time
    8. I did that before. It is super difficult I don't know if I'd do it again

  • 1 okay
    2 okay
    3 okay
    4 most likely not
    5 if I knew him before the depression, okay
    6 I really prefer someone around my age
    7 okay if they don't actively try to get me to stay away all the time
    8 okay if he is one Super, Special, Awesome guy

  • 1. Dont care
    2. Dont care
    3. Nah
    4. No
    5. Depends on how severe
    6. Not younger. Max I'll go its like 6-7 years older.
    7. It would bother me, but it wouldn't make me dump them.
    8. I'm doing that now.

  • 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No
    4. No
    5. Maybe
    6. 8 years older max and at least 2years younger
    7. I could deal with that
    8. Depends for how long we'll be apart for

  • 1 yes
    2 yes
    3 yes
    4 don't think so
    5 yes
    6 right now, I'd date someone 18-22
    7 depends on how they express it. Like if it's too painful and degrading, I wouldn't
    8 no

  • 1. Yes
    2. Depends on what you're willing to overlook
    3. No
    4. No
    5. Yes. I have them.
    6. Youngest: 21 Oldest: 35 (if I wasn't married)
    7. Yes
    8. No

  • 1. Open to it
    2. Open to it
    3. Not open to it
    4. Not open to it
    5. Not open to it
    6. Open to it
    7. Not open to it
    8. Open to it.

  • 1. Don't care
    2. Don't care
    3. Don't care
    4. Do care
    5. Don't care
    6. Don't care as long as it's legal
    7. Don't care
    8. Don't care

  • 1. It's cool, don't care.

    2. I'd be hesitant to datesomeone who was religious but if we still shared the basic beliefs of how to behave and how we want to raise kids, it'd be fine.

    3. I'm bi, couldn't care less if my partner was too.

    4. That's fine with me.

    5. I have generalised anxiety disorder and would be cautious about dating someone mentally ill incase we made each other's health worse.

    6. I only really want to date someone quite close to my age. Right now I don't really wanna date someone over 25.

    7. I don't know how I'd deal with that. My family hates my partner and I'm okay with it but I think I'd have been reallly upset if his family didn't like me.

    8. I don't wanna do long distance.

  • 1) I've already done it. I don't care about race.

  • 1. Yes
    2. Depends on the religion and how observant they are
    3. No
    4. No
    5. Yes
    6. Yes, my boyfriend is actually a lot older than me
    7. Maybe
    8. No

  • 1. I'm mixed race, so whatever
    2. I'm atheist and wouldn't date a guy who's too religious
    3. Yea... I'd give it a go
    4. Nope.
    5. I'm okay with it, as long as my so doesn't drag me down with him
    6. 10 years my senior would be alright; older than that or younger than me is a no-no
    7. I wouldn't mind, I guess
    8. If we're both living in the same state, then I'd try to make it work, if not, no way.

  • all are okay for me

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