Help! I'm moving in with a girl I have a crush on?

So, I may have, kinda, sorta, agreed to live with someone​ for at least 1 year, possibly two, whom I'm now developing strong feelings towards, and, as ever, I can't tell if she feels the same, or just considers me a friend.
Might be worth pointing out that she's recently had a serious family crisis, and I've been there for her regularly.
What should my move be? Should I hold back and see if anything grows as the year goes on, or should i tell her now, get it off my chest and risk a very awkward year! πŸ˜›


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  • Well it depends on her body language and the way she acts with you. Has she ever friend zoned you to your face like "you're such a good friend" then she probably doesn't look at you more than a friend. Just pay attention to her attitude towards you everyday. Don't be a perv if you guys go out to parties and she's drunk πŸ˜‚. Ahah basically i suggest you become her bestfriend before anything romantic starts β˜ΊοΈπŸ™‚πŸ’―

    • Thanks. She's never said anything as direct as that, though has made it clear my support is appreciated. Though (as we're both acting and performance students) we recently had an exercise in which we had to act as though we were in love, and all the physical contact we could manage is me touching her shoulder, and her gently punching my arm in a friendly manner πŸ˜› I just had such a bad history of misreading signals that i can't trust my own opinion anymore! πŸ˜› But you do make a good point, yeah. We do hang out a fair bit though, and i can't tell if she's enjoying it, or waiting for me to make some sort of move πŸ˜›

  • confess your feelings to her but show understand difficult during her family problems and you will wait for response when better settled

    • the thing is, her family has taken it so hard that she has never shown any deep emotions about it, and is able to talk about it without bursting into the or anything, which I'm not sure I could manage!! She is outwardly much more worried about uni performances!

    • life is a gamble, she is probably looking for an escape from the family problems

  • wait for it..


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