Does anyone have any hookup stories from meeting someone at the gym? How did things start?

Did you make the first move or did the other person? I'm wondering how often people meet at the gym and if it develops onto a lasting relationship.


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  • I had a girl friend who met a guy in the gym and they didn't last long. To be honest, I think most guys looking for girls in the gym are only looking for one thing, sex. When they see girls in the gym, they see them in tight clothes and think dirty. Good guys aren't found often at the gym because only a certain kind of guys are hunting there.

    • Well what if the girl is doing the "hunting"? Haha I have my eye on a guy at the gym that I know is single and divorced but I'm not sure how to approach without making it awkward in case he rejects me.

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    • No not really I'm not a bad guy I go to the gym to stay in shape with my 6 packs and also to meet a girl who keeps her shape up and notch and if she gives me a chance I'd make her my keeper definitely.

    • Loll don't be afraid some women have games too loll so you won't be the first one. the other day I was at the gym there was this white girl with her friend we were in the same floor they were doing a little cardio but face me while I was doing in the opposite side doing my abs and and lower back exercises I caught her peeped at me so I started started staring at her for a while too, to see what's up, and then I went downstairs in the basement to lift some weights and stuff while I left them upstairs, and after like about 5 minutes they come downstairs too, I'm like ok let's see what's going here, and then I was working on my biceps until she came next to me act like she's looking for a 20lbs plate I knew she wanted to talk but she didn't want to make it too obvious then I was like do you want a 20lbs she was like yeah but your using it then I said no it's cool you can take them, she was like are you sure? I was like yeah I'm positive and then we started talking.

  • I wonder too

  • my penis was full and the only relief was to jack off. I started and a girl came and finished me off. Which she was rewarded with a load of cum to swallow.


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