I'm out of ideas where to look for a girlfriend?

I'm stuck living with my parents, and can't drive anywhere on my own. I feel like my epilepsy has put me under protective custody as I do nothing but follow my parents around. So what do I do?

The only place I go and can sometimes get a little time to look is at church. I've been going to that church for years, and am still too shy to start a conversation with anyone, let alone ask a girl out.

I've tried every dating site and app I could find, put a thorough review of myself on each one with at least 2 photos, and no one seems to even notice me. Even if I have the guts to send a message. I've also tried apps like Snapchat. Even if someone says they'll add me, they never do. If I ask about it where we met, I get no message back. And I'm pretty sure GaG isn't a type of site to look for a girlfriend, so I haven't asked around here.

I just can't think of anything else. Could you give me some suggestions? Do you have any ideas at all?


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  • You won't get a girlfriend being shy. You just won't. I had to learn that the hard way. You've got to put yourself out there, talk to people. Don't come on too strong, start with small talk. If you're looking online, talk about stuff you're passionate about,
    Like the legend of Zelda, I saw your poster, I have one too. Look for other profiles with the same interests.

    • Profiles where? Offline doesn't work.
      And I know I have to not be shy! You think I want to be? I'm trying!

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    • If I send someone a message, I never get a reply from her. Never.
      Plus no one Favs/Likes my profile, which gets very few views to being with.

    • Work on your profile, make it more interesting, cheat like women do and use a filter for pictures or something, I don't know. Filters might make men look weird

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