How can I tell if he's seeing other people? Is he serious about me?

Hey! So I hope I can get some opinions since I don't have many friends to talk to.

anyway, I've been seeing a guy I met online for about 3 or 4 months. We started talking online and texting/snap chatting in October. He lives 2 hours away, so I didn't get a chance to actually go on a date with him until December. He works two jobs, and is very busy with that. Lately, I've been going down to see him once a week since my work schedule is really flexible. I typically spend the night or stay with a family member for the weekend while he's at work, and hang out with him during the day and after he gets off.

Since its been about 5 months since our initial interaction, I've been wondering if he is seeing anyone else or if he wants to be official with me. I've asked him recently how he felt about me, and he responded with "I really like you." And I said "are you sure? Because I really like you too, and I didn't want it to be one sided." And he responded "yes, I'm sure". He has told me that he has never really had an official girlfriend and that he is bad at expressing his feelings with words, which I can understand because I am very guarded because of a past relationship.

Im not sure how to ask him what we are without scaring him? Any tips? He definitely treats me like a girlfriend, and we text and snap chat all day every day - goodmorning to goodnight. Even when he goes out with friends, he still texts me while he's out. He also said recently that he cares about me a lot, which stemmed off of me saying to drive home safe because I care about him a lot.

Help please 😩 I'm not trying to rush him, but at this point I would hope he's not seeing other people, because I am not interested in anyone else or interested in pursuing/looking for anyone else.
I have met his roommate, but haven't met any of his friends yet. I left a piece of apparel at his house the last time I visited, and it was out in the open in his room when I visited recently. (He's messy, but I don't mind)

It made me feel a little better, since it seems like he hasn't brought anyone to his place
Update: I'm supposed to go visit tomorrow and I plan to talk to him subtly about it, but I ended up leaving a shirt of mine as his place, and when I made a comment of how I have a bad habit of leaving stuff over there he said that he is okay with it 😃😃😃 good sign, right?


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  • Well I'm sure since you guys have been speaking for so long, you can ask him to define the relationship. There is no harm of asking him "What are we?" or even bring up if he is seeing someone else. You have to get past these things if you want to keep him. Think of it as the final test! You know you have to ask it eventually.

    You probably know you have to ask but you're just scared to lose him. And you ask here to get support. So here I am supporting you! Go girl, I'm sure you'll be fine. Be confident and go get him!

    • I hope so! I reallly like him. I am super scared to lose him, because he is a great, funny. Super attractive and nice guy, and we have so much in common. 🙈 Thank you!

    • ALL THE BEST! (:

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