Girls, This girl I met a a few weeks ago is acting odd.. what should I do?

Ok so here's the thing I work as a marketing manager for huawei and im based in celular stores quite often and one week I was based in a store and just outside of this store was this girl.. at first I thought nothing of it but as the days went on I found myself looking at her more and more however I just couldnt bring myself to ask for her number so anyway I found out that she was only in the mall for that week running a premotional stand for her company and I thought to myself ok ill leave it be so she packed up on her last day and left and well a few days went past and I recieved a facebook message from her saying she couldn't leave without at least getting to know me so we started chatting at first things were great we spoke until 3am and well around 2 weeks went by and she asked me to come see her so I said sure no problem but here's the weird part she now only speaks to me from around 9pm and will not speak to me at all during the day or if she does its like a response once in a while so im just really puzzled as to what to do?


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  • Dont panic, take it slow. Its just a little pass 2 weeks , your friendship is still fresh and blooming. Also, 9pm might be the only time she has free.. i mean she has to close up from work and then she may have some extra classes to attend or she has chores to deal with so thats the only time available. Some people take their work seriously and dont talk at all during day hours.


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