I'm older than her and I think she's the one but she doesn't seem to know what she wants?

Ok so I've known this girl for 7+years and we were friends all the way up until we dated and I was the guy she called when she knew she couldn't call anyone else at times (even including her boyfriend), I've been there for her through thick and thin and I've seen her at her highest and lowest. We dated and everything was awesome but towards the end she seemed scared and I didn't know why. And well she ended it and we didn't talk for a few months then one day we ran into eachother at a party and starting taking (catching up as friends) and we were inseparable from there, this is where it gets weird. So after this she wanted me to come to Michigan with her and her family so I could see her hometown and meet her family and spend Thanksgiving with them well at this point she's got a boyfriend and well she still brought me instead of him and while we were there she cheated for the first and only time in her life on anyone and it was on him only because it was with me. Now mind you while she's there she tells me that she wants a future with me but that she's not ready for that specific future yet, and that if I wait it'll be worth it in the end. It's been months now and it's killing me because I know I am now incapable of being just friends, but she still has the boyfriend 4months later but she spends more time with me than she does with him and doesn't really enjoy his company hardly at all she stays at my house often but we don't hook up we just cuddle sometimes and watch movies and smoke pot and do a lot together. Any advice? This is hurting me and she knows it but she keeps saying I need more time to think and stuff along those lines and I don't know what to do.


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