Why can he only hold a conversation and make plans when he's drunk?

There's this guy that was my coordinator at work for 2 years (he's 23 and I'm 21). We flirted for almost this whole two years and when I was new he told his guy friends at work that he thought I was really hot. Obviously, being my coordinator we could not act on our flirting, and he had a girlfriend for a lot of this time as well.

He ended up leaving the workplace about a month ago and I ended up leaving the week after. We went out twice, first time initiated by me and the second time we both kinda brought it up. We had a lot of fun together. However after that he has hinted very strongly about doing something else (once on Valentines day and once last week) however halfway through making plans he stopped replying and then would snapchat me the next day as if nothing happened. He is a very shy and awkward guy however this happening more than once I don't find excusable.

However, when he is drunk he can hold a conversation with me so much better; last night he was drunk messaging me, basically asking me to ask him out for drinks later this week and teasing me for never inviting him to my house since I live alone (he's not a player, he's only ever been with 2 girls and he's very shy). I'm wondering, why is it that he can only make plans with me properly and hold a proper conversation when he's drunk? Obviously this isn't a basis for a relationship as I can't imagine having to be drunk every time I wanted to have a good conversation with my partner.. but I'm unsure as to why he has to be drunk in order for him to have the ability and guts to make plans with me?

Thanks so much!!


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  • He sounds like Raj from Big Bang Theory, which I used to watch until it stopped being funny. Some people just need a little "Dutch courage".


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