How do you know a guy is just not that into you?


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  • He'll be reliable , consistent and make an effort to be part of your life. He'll want to get to know you on a deeper level. He'll involve you in all aspects of his life.

    If someone is insincere you'll feel confused , unsure and full of doubt about their intentions and motives

    . If you feel he's playing you, he probably is . Your intuition feels what the eyes can't see. I never go against my intuition. It may not tell me someone's motives and intentions, but it'll guide me and let me know when someone isn't right for me

  • I find that if a guy is into you they will do everything they can to be around you and in touch with you. If you feel like you are forcing it chances are good he's not the one. Best of luck!

  • Sometimes you will have to be straightforward to know for sure.

    • Same for girls
      I had to be =.=! And got the no answer hhh

    • @1988fido yep. Because sometimes people do things that makes you feel they are interested and you can't know for sure unless you gather courage and ask or confess

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