Are we together or not?

so I've known this guy for 6 months now at high school , we've been to a couple of dates - movie theatre , ice skating , concert , roller skating in town - they all went good but he is just too shy , we've held hands while ice skating and roller skating and we're really close when we're at school and our friends always tease us and say that we're probably together but are just hiding it.. but i just can't figure out what kind of relationship we have , we still didn't kiss - probably cause we're both pretty shy - but recently we've been making much more physical contact I'm just confused... like are we together or not? should i wait even though he's shy or should just talk to him honestly about it?


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  • y'all are just really good friends in my opinion. And probably it may grow into something more. You should talk to him about that maybe because you wouldn't want to think that you two are something that you're not. But seems like you two are good together... you two just need to put the label on and then boom there you go.


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