How can I ask ger out?

I wanna ask my co woker out on a date or ask ger if she has a boyfriend we partied all night with our other co workers. She doesn't like when i pay for evwrything but she will share stuff with me. She complintiee my shoes and shirt. HOW DO I KNOW IF SHE LIKES NE HOW DO I GET TO ASK HER?
She sleep right next to me on somebody couch im keeping a alarm for her i gotta head home she gotta go to work im gonna walk her cause she fucked up.
I just wanna ask her out on a date or at least know if she single or not? I wanna ask her while qr are walking to work but dont wanna make her feel awkward


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  • Gently ask her how she feels about you, and if that's good then ask her out

    • She sleep right next to me imma offer to walk her to work we have to go the same way we are gonna be alone is that a weird time to ask is creepy or perfect. I just feel she sees me as a friend. I dont know if that my insecurity though.
      I tried buying her. Fav alcohol tonight but ahe wanted to pay at least something. And then she act like she diddnt want it but when we got back to the party she said i get first dibs and shd dranks some to.

      Sorry for the spelling error im still fu ked up justed wanted advicr i dont even know what to say

    • That is a good time to ask because since you two will be alone then she will have noone else on her mind

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