What to talk about in a long distance relantionship?

I've been in a LDR for about 7 months now and we haven't met yet, but we're planning to soon. We had ups and downs during these months and also had pretty tough periods in which communicating didn't come naturally. I know it sounds crazy, but i don't want uș getting bored of each other or reach the point where we don't have anything new to talk about, because i love him and i want to keep the spark between us. What are your suggestions? What can i talk about with him and how can i spice things up?


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  • I was in a long distance relationship for over a year and it's definitely exhausting. The fear of being bored is definitely real but honestly just talk. Talk about how your day was, what you want to do. Talk about the future or even the past or even just gossip and random bullshit. The less you censor yourself, the more you have to talk about. Just relax and it should just flow. If the interest in the conversation is there, the conversation won't die. Maybe even just try to do more things together like playing games and watching things together and you can talk about that?

    • Thanks. The thing is, last night he told me that he loves me for the first time, and i suddenly got really scared that i'll loose him and he won't love me anymore because of the boredom

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    • Oh boy, those trust issues though. I'm working on them as well. I'm a pretty unstable person as you can see, not sure how i kept this guy for that long😂 and your advice is really helpful

    • No matter how insecure or unstable you think you are, if you are open about your thoughts and feelings, it can make your life so much easier. Letting them fester can lead to paranoia which isn't good in long distance at all, but it isn't good in any relationship anyway.

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  • You can't love a man you've never met. You're getting bored because you've gone half a year without seeing each other. Meet or break up. It will not get better. There is literally nothing left to do.

    • Yes, i said we're planning to meet soon. Have you been in a long distance before?

    • No it's pointless. Unless you see each other regularly.

    • Well.. that was helpful indeed. Thanks for the reality check

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