Should I invite my crush to my birthday party?

we are kind of friends but we haven't seen each other since November and haven't talked since December. When we have class together we sometimes sit next to the other. when we meet each other around we stop and talk to each other for a bit. I gave him chocolates and my best friend told him I talk a lot about him and he keep talking to me after. In December I emailed him but he didn't reply (he usually does) but I knew he was busy he works and study engineering like me and we study a lot and he gets only A's and he doesn't have internet, nor cellphone, nor Facebook so I plan to pass by in a couple of days with my friend near his class and ask him if he would like to come to the karaoke with my friend (he talked to a couple of them once) and with other people from the faculty?


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  • Doesn't hurt to ask but will you not be pre occupied with others at your birthday? He might feel isolated and could be awkward for him while there.

    • well he is friend with my friends boyfriend who is going and Ill try to include everyone.

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