My first date is tonight-. Kissing Questions and Advice much needed?

I'm going on my first date ever with a guy that is a bit if a nerd but he's very flirty and a massive cutie. I have never kissed a girl before and I imagine he hasn't either, and I kind of want to kiss him tonight... but since we've both never really kissed before, is there a good chance our first kiss will be awkward, or can it be really good. Also, is it even acceptable to kiss on a first date?

*We both have plump lips so I don't know if that would make a difference
**We have only been talking through snapchat, we have a mutual friend, but we have never formally met before


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  • Of course you can kiss on the first date! Just kinda go with the flow. When it comes to kissing everything will come naturally.

    • You think? Thank you! I'm so nervous tho. Since we've both never kissed before, most likely do you think the first kiss is going to suck? :/

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    • awesome haha thank you so much! Wish me luck;)

    • Good luck!

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