Any suggestions?

I feel like I'm going to be single forever, I don't really know what to do, I have no friends that have friends that are girls, so I feel like I'm going to stay single because I have no chance at them


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  • For one, you're only 20. I mean, being over dramatic is part of being young, but come on... single forever? Have you thought about opening an online dating profile? Online dating gives you an opportunity to have access to a huge array of women. What you should do is practice. Open a profile and hit on some unattractive women. Take them out and when you do this, pretend the entire time that you're really into her and she's the greatest girl in the world. You'll be an expert in no time. Oh, make sure you have a job because dating costs a little money (but just a little).

    • Lol 😂 I don't know if that is the worst advice I have ever heard or the most brilliant! 🤔

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