How to tell if he likes you or thinks of you as a friend?

I've been friends with this guy for a few months now, ever since I first met him in my class last semester. I've developed feelings for him and have always debated what to do about it and whether I should. He use to be very formal with me and it would frustrate me seeing him talk and joke around with other people but with me he would be more serious. Fast forwards months later, I finally decided to give him a compliment and told him that he is really handsome in his glasses. That, I feel, was a major hint to him that I was interested, but this was via text and I couldn't see his reaction except for his reply which was a thank you and that it meant a lot to him. I thought from then on, he was either going to completely ignore me in which his answer was like get away I don't feel the same way at all, OR he was going to flirt and make it obvious that he had mutual feelings towards me, no in between. What I HAVE noticed is that ever since I told him that, slowly he's been acting a bit different, he's very big and happy-looking when he first sees me and greets me, and I see him a lot more outside of class now by chance, I've had him in the same classes all semester and I've never bumped into him this much before until just recently. Whenever he greets me for the first time that day he doesn't yell but he says my name loud and has a big smile. Just the other day, I bumped into him while he was helping a girl carry a lot of tools and he introduced me to her as his partner in class, but I don't know why he didn't just say I was his friend. We're partners for a class, yes, but whenever I see him talking to a girl I immediately assume he likes her because he has this mild flirtatious thing going on but at the same time, he's the opposite. Is he trying to show me that the feeling is mutual or is this just his way of showing that we're becoming better friends now? I don't wanna take it the wrong way but I can't tell. Should I even tell him or not?


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  • if he is right ask him out or
    reply me 😃


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