Why won't he let me leave an item at his place?

Guys help!!!


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  • Cause then they have a reason to come bck and if i decide i dont want them bck all a sudden we gotta have the "what about my stuff convo"
    Fuck every bit of that.
    I dont allow women to leave shit at my crib, i have every thing here a woman could need so no need to claim stake or clutter my place.

    • You keep stuff a woman could need?

    • O yea, tampons, panty liners, summers eve, hair products, soap, face masks, nose strips, razors, hair spray, mousse, blow dryer, straightener, curling iron, razors, bleaching kit, waxing kit, nail kit, perfume, pain reliever to include midol and much much more.
      Have a lot of women round my place

    • Wow yes apparently you do but this guy doesn't

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  • Because he doesn't want you just randomly showing up at his place when it isn't planned for. You could always have the excuse that you need to get whatever you left there.

    • I wouldn't do that

    • Tell him that. That would be my reason if I didn't want a woman leaving her stuff at my place.

    • I can't just bluntly say that because I can't assume that is the reason why

  • safety purposes

    • It can't be? Like what?

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    • fuck you

    • What

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  • What item did you want to leave?

    • I. leave various simple items then he gives them back

    • Maybe he doesn't see you seriously,

    • Yet i feel like he bought shampoo, conditioner, and a hair dryer for when I stay at his place