When you date, are you trying to find a partner for life? Are you eager to commit?

Are you looking for the one or are you killing time?


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  • I think the dating process as a whole would be to find someone to commit to, else it's kinda pointless. You're essentially seeing if that person is for you, which is why breakups occur if they're not. Although, I think when you're younger you're happier to mess around at times and just date for the sake of dating. But, as you get older, it's less of a time-killer.


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  • To find the one


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  • In an ideal world I would want a partner for life, but I don't believe in something like that.
    But yes, if I date someone I'm willing to commit as long as they are too.

    • Why don't you believe in finding a partner for life?

    • Because it is an absolute.
      Nothing is perfect and certainly not people.
      I believe all couples who died of old age together stayed together simply because of economic and social convenience.

      Everyone in my family divorced and my grandparents (the only couple still together) hate each other so much they don't sleep in the same room and don't even talk to each other anymore.
      They didn't divorce because when you are 75 it is easier to just wait until death with someone you hate than it is to split assets and somehow function by yourself on pension alone.

      Personally, I'd rather stay alone for life than live my life like that.
      I mean I would like to believe that there are some couples who still "love" each other by their deathbed, but since I haven't seen anything like that I think it is a foolish expectation.

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