What does a guy think and mean when?

Today my boyfriend came round my house. We were lying down on my bed (he was lying normally on his back and I was lying on top of him. Not inappropriately or anything intentional like that ). There was a moment that I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine and we started I guess gazing at each other's eyes. We haven't done this before. I can't really describe his but he had 'smiley eyes', he way he looked at me was as if he saw something amazing or admirable and in day dream or something all St the same time. It was silent, but it was a really nice silence. This went on for a few minutes (it felt like a long time) then we leaned in to kiss. After that he hugged me. But this hug was different from the others I have ever experienced... It felt so deep and emotional. He hugged me so close and tight to him and stayed like that. I felt really protected and happy but sad because I am in love with him and want to express it to him. My questions are : What do guys think while they gaze into their girlfriends eyes? And What does it mean when a guy hugs a girl very tight and close with emotion?


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  • When i do it it means i see you, i feel you, and i love you. and when i hug someone tightly it means you are mine, you are not my property, but mine to love, mine to share my happiness with, mine to hold in my arms where you belong and i want to keep you here in my arms as we share a single heartbeat. at least that's what it means to me

    • Thank you so much for responding your own personal thoughts. That helps me a lot ☺️

    • Thats just my own personal way i feel, he may see it differently but i would assume he means the same thing in his own way

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  • The gazing into your eyes means he really loved you. And the right hug means he really cares about you and wants to protect you.

  • You know what it means. But you wanna hear it from people so it makes you feel good.


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