Would you rather date a pretty and smart person but share it with others, or would you rather date an ugly and dumb person but not share it?

Be honest!!! This is for both boys and girls. Would you rather be part of a person's harem but that person is amazing, pretty/handsome and smart (and rich, athletic, famous, etc.) But you have to share them with others. or would you rather date an ugly person that's dumb as well but she/he is very loyal and you don't have to share them.

  • Date an Amazing person but share them with others or be part of their harem.
  • Date an unwanted person but he/she is loyal.
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  • I can't date another dumb person.

    Dumb + dumb = we are both killed by Lysol


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  • How about neither lol

    • If I put that option everyone will choose it.

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    • lol. true

    • That's not the point bro