Girls, How often do you look at a guy and wonder if he would be a good boyfriend?

i frequently have a lot of girls look at me so I was curious



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  • When I look at a guy I find attractive I think more about what kind of person he is, whether he's an introvert or extrovert, and maybe his interests rather than if he'd be a good boyfriend or not lol
    There's more to it than just looking at someone and thinking they'll be a good boyfriend cus you kinda need to know more about them to know that

    • So if he was introvert is that a deal breaker for most girls

    • Not really

    • I mean when these girls make eye contact with me I'm always mentally thinking it's something negative

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  • I don't look at a random guy and wonder if he'll be a good boyfriend. I only begin to think along those lines if I've become attracted to him. At first glance I just take in body language towards me and his features.

    • Would being quiet be a deal breaker for most girls

    • I don't think being quiet is the issue, I think it's whether he shows some personality or slight interest. It's more about being readable.