My Dating Problem Downtown?

I go to downtown every Sunday to go to church and there aren't much black women on the north side. I see mostly white women up north I could date in church, but I prefer it if I dated black women because if I date a white woman. Our kids wouldn't look dark-skinned. Sometimes, I see black guys up north and rarely any black women. I was thinking that if more black women went downtown. Then, there will be more black man/black woman couples going up north. What should I do?
When I say "Our kids wouldn't look dark-skinned". I met they won't be dark-skinned if I have kids with a white woman, even though I prefer to have kids with black women instead because we can have dark-skinned kids. I'm not trying to be racist. I'd date a white woman, but I prefer to have kids with a black woman instead.


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What Girls Said 1

  • "Our kids wouldn't look dark-skinned"
    You should stop being a racist.

    • What? I'm not being racist. You getting the wrong idea of that sentence.

    • No, I am not. You're definitely being a racist.

    • I don't think you understand my OP post. When I say "Our kids wouldn't be dark-skinned". I met that if I go out with a white woman and have kids with her, "our kids wouldn't be dark-skinned". What I meant to say that I'd love to go out with a white woman, but I also would like to go out with a black woman instead because with her I can have dark-skinned kids. I'm sorry if my OP post seems racist. That was not my intention.

What Guys Said 1

  • Try changing churches or tinder.

    • Well are you a black man or do you just want black kids?

    • I'm a black man and I just want black kids.

    • Well then go for the black girl dude. It will just take time and effort to find one that fits well with you.

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