Should I answer my ex back and accept his apology?

Should I answer my ex back and accept his apology?
Okay so we were dating for 4 months, I cared about the guy a great deal.. and he ended it over just a few disagreements then just like that cold turkey ignored me... the confusion and pain was very hurtful... well after 3 months of not talking he finally texted/messaged me on 4 diff days.. I haven't answered and I don't know if I should... I appreciate any advice... my dad absolutely hates him too and my mom died 8 years ago..

Here is what he texted:

"Hey how are you? I wanna say I have been thinking a lot lately and I'm very very sorry for the way I handled things and all that. I don't know why I did but you didn't deserve that at all. I'll understand if you dont answer "
" Hey I guess you're not gunna accept my apology that I texted u the other day... I completely understand"
"Hey I guess you really do hate me. I get it. I'm trying to just be nice and apologize to you"

Thoughts? Should I answer and what does it sound like to you do you think he also is looking to get back? (Which I don't)


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  • totally agree with the guy who answered hun. once they do it one time they will most likely do it again