How can I handle this situation?

I met a guy through mutual friends (good friends that we both see often) we had been seeing each other for about 2 mths during which time we texted everyday hung out 2-3 times a week and he was really sweet and nice. He started acting distant after those 2 mths then ghosted. I saw him out at a bar a mth after, he tried to avoid me but I tried to be the bigger person, said hello, and texted me a few day later and apologized. He started texting me again, came to my house one night drunk, cried and apologized for everything said he would try to act better. Long story short, he did for a bit then started acting like a jerk again. Just recently I slept at his place,2 days later my friends met up with our other friends who he was with, and he didn't treat me very well. There was another girl there they were talking a lot but I didn't think anything. When we were all leaving my friends wanted to walk me to where I was going he was acting like a jerk about it, later asked me if his friend who I was walking with called him a jerk ( they do all say he's a jerk to girls) I said yes and he charmingly told me "it is what it is" Kissed me on the cheek and hugged me bye. Then I saw him today with the girl from the previous night, he saw me too, we avoided eye contact ( I was driving ) and I could tell he was uncomfortable.. I literally slept with this guy 2 days before. My question is do I try and be friends with him now that he's treated me so bad for the reason that we have all the same friends? Or do I not have to considering he treated me how he did? He was suck a dick to me it makes me mad to keep having to be the bigger person.. Any advice would be great... thanks!


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  • I don't think you need to be friends with him, polite but fairly curt (to discourage conversation and to discreetly show your disapproval) when you have no choice to acknowledge his presence is sufficient. If you don't need to acknowledge his presence, then personally I wouldn't. In my opinion after what he did, we are no longer friends, just someone I know who is a friend of a friend but isn't my friend and whom I am not close to.


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